In 1978 Patrick and Gaye Murphy made a decision to grow larger amounts of garlic to meet New Zealand's demand for quality garlic. The worthy contributions of family, friends, employees, Marlburians and others to the iconic Marlborough crop for over 30 years, have made Marlborough Garlic what it is today. 



Marlborough Garlic’s key philosophy is to supply the domestic market throughout the year with in-season premium New Zealand garlic and shallots. Marlborough Garlic Limited grows all of the product that it packs and processes. 


Quite simply, it is to be New Zealand’s Premier Garlic and Shallot Company, offering a sustainable supply of quality and superior tasting products to New Zealanders and abroad. 


In a few words, we value: innovation, experience, expertise, integrity,  sustainability of supply and a customer focus.



Executive Director

"It's my role to inspire our company to be a good grower and one that people want to work for. The perfect garlic bulbs are almost impossible to grow, but I enjoy the challenge."

Admin Manager/Director

"My role is to run the day-to-day office and managing of our staff administration. It's exciting to be involved in a business that sees the product from the field through to the supermarket shelf."

CEO / +64 35791407

"My role is to run the business as a sustainable company that is a market leader. Part of this is finding new ways of doing things and looking for opportunities for the company. My vision is a world leading company that people trust, because they know that we grow 'the right way'."

Sales/Marketing Manager / +6421918069

"My job is to make it easy for every person who wants to eat New Zealand garlic and shallots to get them. It's great to get my hands dirty growing the product in the field and be able to see our fantastic product on the shelf later."


Garlic is traditionally planted on the shortest day of the year, and harvested on the longest day of the year. We plant and harvest our garlic later in August/September because over time the varieties we use have adapted to New Zealand conditions. Garlic grows from a clove which dies over the course of the growing season, leaving in its place a shoot which in 6 months time becomes a bulb. Marlborough’s sunny but chilly winter conditions give garlic an ideal opportunity to grow well.

We plant garlic by machine and use a mix of machine and human labour for harvest. During harvest the leafy part of the plant is topped. Following time drying in the sun in the paddock, our garlic is cured using forced air dryers specifically built for drying garlic.

Before our garlic is ready for the market, the roots are clipped by hand and the product is cleaned in our pack house. Our field and pack-house staff are absolutely key to our operation. Their hard work and attention to detail ensures that quality product reaches your plate. 

Garlic requires very little chemical insecticide and pesticide spraying compared to other crops.

We are accredited under New Zealand’s GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) standard –

This means that we accurately record all chemical application, and use advanced quality assurance standards. We use approved fertiliser that is appropriate for food production.