Shallots have a mild taste that combines the flavour of a sweet onion with a touch of garlic. They can be used in similar dishes to ones where garlic and onions are used, but have a more subtle gourmet taste than onions and tend to have a faster cooking time. Some varieties of shallots are more elongated than others, while some are more rounded.


We grow fresh whole Shallots and peeled Shallots. We grow a wide range of varieties from long slim ones to shorter round ones. 

We are in most supermarkets and specialty stores in New Zealand. If you have any questions about specifics or you want to stock our Shallots, click below.


Shallots are packed with dietary fibre, protein, vitamin C, potassium, folate, vitamin A, vitamin B6 and manganese.

This makes Shallots a great aid with circulation and metabolism. Further, they have been found to help decrease blood pressure.