Marlborough Garlic Limited: Terms and Conditions


Unless there are other specific written Terms in place, these Terms of Trade apply to all transactions between Marlborough Garlic Limited (Marlborough Garlic) and its Customer.


(2)     The Customer is the person to whom supply is to be made. Where that person is not the actual person who has requested supply or is a company then, in addition, the person who has requested supply will be responsible for all payments to Marlborough Garlic.


(3)     Marlborough Garlic will dispatch the product to the address given when supply is requested. Marlborough Garlic will use reputable couriers and transport companies. The responsibilities of Marlborough garlic come to an end when the product has arrived at the Customer’s premises.


(4)     Unless otherwise agreed in writing, payments shall be made no later than the 20th of the month following the issue of the invoice by Marlborough Garlic.
(5)     Payment shall be in full without any deductions whatsoever.
(6)     If payment is not made when it is due interest shall accrue at the rate of 3.00% per month until full payment is made. If Marlborough Garlic has to take legal action to recover any outstanding amounts then the solicitor/client costs and disbursements of Marlborough Garlic shall be recoverable from the Customer.
(7)     In the case of a Customer who does not have an established credit record with Marlborough Garlic, payment may be requested in advance of supply.


(8)     Marlborough Garlic supplies good quality products. It will not be responsible for any choices that customers make as to the use of the products. In the unlikely event of products being supplied which are not of good quality, the liability of Marlborough Garlic shall be limited to the value of the product supplied and it shall not be responsible for any consequential or other losses.


(9)     Any variation to these Terms must be in writing.
(10)    General variations to these Terms may be made by Marlborough Garlic. The operative Terms of Trade shall unless otherwise agreed in writing between the parties be those which are posted on the website of Marlborough Garlic at from time to time.


(11)     Any dispute between Marlborough Garlic and the Customer shall be determined by arbitration.

In consideration of Marlborough Garlic supplying goods to the Customer on credit, the Customer agrees to be bound by these Terms of Trade.